Military campus area for business

One of the most favorable places in Telšiai district is suitable for business – a military town located between Karalius Mindaugas Street and the railway Šiauliai–Klaipėda, in Telšiai city. The military campus was cleaned up according to the project, which was financed under the Operational Program for the Investment of European Union Funds for 2014-2020. The goal was to create favourable conditions for the development of the industrial and business environment, improving the conditions for attracting investments that would contribute to the creation of new jobs in Telšiai city.

During the implementation of the project, 13,1484 hectares of abandoned territory were reconstructed. Registered 2 plots of land for commercial purposes, 2 - industrial and storage, 1 - for communication and engineering networks, 1 - for communication and engineering networks (parking), 3 - for communication and engineering networks (streets). The project was completed on 13.03.2018, for 5 years after the implementation of the project, the activities of the territories cannot be changed, the plots cannot be sold until 13.03.

In the military town there are plots that are not overcome vacant plots of the territory of the military township:

  • Žemaitės g. 67 on the territory of industrial and storage facilities, on the 3.37 ha 3-part plot there is a building of 1232 m2, the ownership of which belongs to the municipality. There is an opportunity to lease all three plots.

  • Electricity, water supply networks, communication networks have been introduced on the plot.In the 0.3391 ha part of the commercial plot located at Žemaitės str. 63, there are no buildings, electricity, water supply networks, communication networks have been introduced.

  • There are no buildings on the 0.7227 ha plot of commercial use at Jonas Semaškos str. 1, and electrical networks have been introduced.

  • Jono Semaškos str. 8 of buildings (52H) belonging to the municipality have an area of 68 m2 in the territory of communication and engineering network corridors on a plot of 1.7019 ha. Introduced water supply networks, domestic sewage networks, distribution pipeline network, electricity.

We invite you to take advantage of the existing opportunity – to rent vacant plots and develop the desired activities in them. For more information about the plots where the buildings are located and the terms of the lease, you can contact neringa Staponkiene, head of the Economics and Property Management Department, by e-mail or by phone (8 444) 56183, for vacant plots where there are no buildings, to the National Land Service by e-mail or by phone (8 444) 56130.