Consulting services

Providing all the necessary information about business at the request of the customer. For those applying for business and other information, efforts are made to provide all the necessary information that meets the needs of the client.

Financier (consultant) service

Up to 2 times free of charge for businesses that are not older than 5 years. provides advice on the selection of the legal form of the company, accounting and taxation. For start-ups and establishments, consultations on the application for support from EU funds, programmes, etc. sources of funding, selection of a suitable programme and application filling in.

Lawyer (business law) consultant service

Managing legal risks. The lawyer will advise business entities (with a period of up to 5 years) free of charge for up to 2 hours on the issues of standard contracts, intellectual property, labor, data protection law.

Estimator service

For young companies up to 5 years. up to 2 hours, estimates are made for construction and repair work, which is necessary to participate in public procurement, project financing activities, drawing up a business plan, etc.; consultations on construction and repair issues will also be provided.

Business center consulting service

Young companies are consulted on business financing opportunities, occupational safety, business plan preparation and other issues; contact with other competent bodies will be facilitated as needed.

Rental services

Samogitian business center rental of owned non-residential premises (i.e. conference / meeting room, training class, office office) together with furniture to a natural or legal person.

Short-term rental services:

• Conference halls
• Meeting halls
• Cabinets for consulting

Virtual offices

Providing a company registration address in a business center. Along with the company's registration address, other services are provided: receiving correspondence, renting a meeting room / office room for up to 4 hours a month for free, remote conferences on the ZOOM platform up to 4 hours a month for free, etc.

Car rental

Samogitian business center rental of a owned car only for associate members.

Office rental services:

Samogitian business center rental of owned office or production premises to the lessee for a period of at least 1 calendar month. Along with the rental of premises, the tenant is provided with the following services: the company's registration address, reception of correspondence, building security services, an individualized place for parking a car near the building, etc.

Commercial advertising and IT services provides:

  • MB "Skaitmeniniai produktų sprendimai"

  • UAB "Sell grafika"

  • UAB "Bitcare"

  • UAB "Centro kompiuteriai"

Works with the wood material services provides:

  • UAB "Urtnojus"

  • UAB "Eridaras"

  • UAB "Deimalsa"

Accountant services provides:

  • UAB "Žemaitijos buhalterija"

  • UAB "Asnet"

  • UAB "Skaiveda"

Engineering and construction work services provides:

  • MB "Digeda"

  • UAB "Herinus"

  • UAB "Marstata"

  • MB "Inžinerinės sistemos"

  • UAB "Armafrė"

  • G. Ukrino individuali veikla

  • MB "Veprojektai"

Transport and logistic services provides:

  • UAB "Top trans"

  • UAB "Transporto logistikos kompanija"

  • UAB "Termotrnsa"

  • UAB "Semintera"

Other services:

  • D. Gabalio individuali veikla - juvelyriniai darbai

  • N. Petrovės individuali veikla - mažmeninė prekyba

  • MB "Šventinė idėja" - šventinės atributikos pardavimas, nuoma

  • B. Vaišvilienės individuali veikla - drabužių siuvimas ir taisymas

  • UADBB "Dexpert" - draudimo paslaugos

  • UAB "Lobina" - prekyba vandens transportu

Electric engineering solution services provides:

  • UAB "Areveda" - elektors instaliacija

  • UAB "Elektrosita" - elektros instaliacija

  • MB "Georaida" - matininko paslaugos

  • MB "Vymeda" - architektūros, inžinerijos veikla

Catering, tourism, fotography services provides:

  • UAB "Stralina" - kavinė

  • Asociacija "Telšių turizmo klasteris" - turizmas

  • MB "Ramunės media" - fotografija

  • E. Grušo individuali veikla - fotografavimo veikla

Working with the youth

  • Establishment of a group of young entrepreneurs

  • Admission of delegations from educational institutions

  • Individual consultations

  • Partnership and joint activities with Telšiai Youth Center, STEAM, Employment Service

  • Participation in project activities Erasmus+

Benefits of becoming an Associate

– may be natural or legal persons whose activities are related to business. Associate members do not have the right to vote, do not participate in the general meeting of shareholders, but receive services provided by the business center at a discount, in accordance with the service rates approved in the minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders. As well as associate members:

  • invited to events, seminars, trainings and conferences organized by the business center;

  • can provide information about the activities of your company on the website of the business center;

  • receives general information on calls for project applications and other business funding opportunities;

  • can rent a car for a business center.